If you are looking to buy, you need an agent that is connected, as connections lead to performance.
An agent who knows what's out there and what’s going to be out there.
An agent who is always a step ahead of the game, always ready to move quickly with a lead and be among the first in the door.
An agent who understands the changes in the market and knows how to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.
An agent who knows the market and its players.
An agent with a long-term objective who understands you and your needs.
An agent who is in a position to take something off the market… before it’s on the market.  



When looking to sell, connections are key for sellers as well and you should make sure you have an agent that has the resources, experience and connections that produce sales.
An agent who will make sure you’ll be listed on the MLS, and on where your property will be accessible to more than 6.1 million consumers who are actively searching for a home online.
An agent who will make sure your property will appear on the local real estate sections of AOL, MSN and others.
An agent who is proactively sends out emails to a constantly growing personal database of customers, leads, friends and agents. I
An agent who is a member of the Luxury Home Marketing Group and utilzes that membership to market your property to luxury agents and their customers all over the world.
An agent who is a marketing expert and knows which advertising channels are best for your property.
I am this agent and whether you are a buyer or a seller, you get me! My personal attention to my customers’ objectives has enabled me to rise quickly as one of the top Agents in the country. My customers know that I am always available. My phone gets answered. Leads are followed. Appointments are made, and I never turn down an opportunity to show or visit a property, even at the last minute. If I can't be there myself, someone on my team will be there.
Whatever it takes, I am dedicated to make your transaction happen.  It’s this dedication and commitment to performance that has led to many lasting and fruitful client relationships.  But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at what some of my customers have said in my references section.

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